The practitioners at Desert Naturopathic Health cherish the Doctor Patient Partnership, working with you to implement a therapeutic plan that works best for you.

Using the best of all medicine has to offer, we use natural and conventional medicine to provide the best possible care for each individual, making your experience a truly integrative one.

Lifestyle education, nutrition, homeopathy, botanical (herbal) medicine, supplements, IV therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, HCG Weight Loss, and many other modalities are at our disposal to help your body heal quickly and safely.

We provide acute and chronic care, including IV therapies and weekly shot clinics to give you a boost of energy, immune function or to help with nutritional deficiencies.

  • I had a bad sinus infection, and wanted to know what else I could do other than just antibiotics. Dr. Jensen explored all options with me like herbal medicine and homeopathy. He listened to what I said, came up with a program and worked with me as an individual, not just a 5 minute appointment with a number. I really appreciated that!–B.R., Peoria, AZ

  • After my first baby I couldn't seem to lose the 25 pounds after diet, exercise, etc. I tried everything. Then I heard about the HCG weight loss program. So I called Dr. Jensen and he got me started. I lost 14 pounds in 20 days, and 5 inches around my waist and thighs! I'm so excited and can't say enough about this weight loss plan. Thanks Dr. Jensen–C.J., Phoenix, AZ

  • I had bad stomach pain that came and went for years. No doctor could figure out what was going on. After talking with him, he consulted other physicians on my case and as a team we all came up with a plan. My pain is gone and hasn't come back in years! Thanks for working with me Dr. J!–D.C., Phoenix, AZ

  • My baby scratched my cornea, and it was very painful. My regular doctor wanted to give me antibiotics and steroids but I wanted a more natural alternative, so I called up Dr. J. He examined my eye, gave me an herbal supplement and a homoepathic remedy and the scratch was gone the next day! I was shocked but very happy. Thank you so much Dr. J!–R.E., Phoenix, AZ

  • My husband travels a lot for work & I've had many sleepless nights without him here.  I made an appointment with Dr. Jensen to see if there was something I could do to help me settle & get some sleep without taking medication ~ I wanted something natural.  After my unrushed appointment, Dr. Jensen gave me a homeopathic remedy that worked like a charm!  I was surprised and wished I had gone to him sooner!!  I now can sleep!!  Thanks Dr. Jensen!–B.R., Sun City, AZ

  • I cannot stand to fly or even go to the airport!  I had an upcoming trip planned where I would be traveling on an airplane with my 4 year old son ~ just the two of us.  I sought help from Dr. Jason Jensen.  After taking my case, he gave me a homeopathic remedy to help with my anxiety and I cannot believe how wonderful it was!  I was able to enjoy myself & my son's first flight.  What a huge difference it made in my life.  Thank you Dr. Jensen!–R.R., Peoria, AZ

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