Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy

Most people who suffer from recurring acute or chronic disease have an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract.¬† This causes our nutrients to be processed incorrectly and become deficient.¬†Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can damage our body’s healing mechanisms as well.¬† Although oral nutritional supplements can help, you may need intravenous therapy due to its fast and efficient integration into the body. IV nutrient therapy bypasses the stomach and intestines so your body can rebuild its stores of the nutrients which will allow healing to occur.

At Desert Naturopathic Health, our naturopathic physician, Dr. Jason Jensen, can assess your needs, and administer IV therapy based on your condition. We typically begin with a “Myer’s Cocktail” which is a vitamin IV that has been in use for decades by M.D.’s and N.M.D.’s alike. Dr. Jensen sometimes uses a “modified” version of the Myer’s tailored for individual needs. Many cases have responded positively to IV therapy, including migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, cardiovascular disease, and upper respiratory infections and many other conditions.

Most people experience being revitalized by IV therapy, with an increase in energy and mood almost immediately following administration. Depending on the condition, IV therapy can be administered once or in a series of maintenance sessions in order to give your body what it needs to get healthy and stay healthy. A Myer’s Cocktail is typically administered over 20 to 60 minutes depending on the formulation. Your first visit includes a full new patient intake, and an IV treatment, all of which lasts approximately 90 minutes. Subsequent IV administrations take less time.

The cost for Myer’s Cocktail is $120.