Lazy, Unorganized, Impulsive, Problematic, Emotional

Have any of those words been used to describe you?  Has anyone described your child using those words?

Have you just been trying to cope with the behavior because you don’t like your options for treatment?  NeuroScience Inc. has done extensive research in the area of attention disorders. Attention disorders, also known as ADD/ADHD, affect children and adults.  About 60% of children diagnosed with an attention disorder continue to exhibit symptoms as adults.

Hyperactivity and inattention have been well studied and found to be a nervous system disorder. Nothing is worse than knowing that you are capable of completing a task exceptionally, but not being able to because your own thoughts and actions are out of your control. Brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, are crucial in balancing out the “miss fires” in the brain.

Neurotransmitters can be measured, and with this information, your doctor can recommend a program for you.

Examining the diet and strengthening the immune system may also play role in treating ADHD.

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