Do you dread that morning alarm?  Have you spent all night tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable or shut out the “noise” in your head long enough to fall asleep?


More than 70 million Americans are affected by sleeplessness or have sleep difficulty. Sufferers typically complain of being unable to close their eyes or ‘rest their mind’ for more than a few minutes at a time.

Sleep difficulties has been on the NeuroScience Inc. priority list because of its strong interconnectedness to other problems.  We understand that without a restful night’s sleep, vicious cycles can begin leading to fatigue, performance, and mood disruptions.  We want to break those cycles and focus on getting you back to your natural rhythm.

Sleep is a complex neurological chain of events. Many neurotransmitters and hormones are necessary at certain levels to achieve sleep, AND just as many can prevent us from attaining a good night’s sleep.  NeuroScience Inc. has been able to help many of their customers battle their sleep difficulties.

Scientific research suggests that imbalances in any one of the many hormones and neurotransmitters involved in the sleep process may lead to sleep disturbances.  Neurotransmitters and hormones can be measured, and with this information, your doctor can recommend the best program for you.  If you are having trouble getting the sleep you need, ask your doctor how NeuroScience can help you.

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